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Ways To Avoid Cesarean Delivery

Why Avoid Cesarean?

1. Normal Cases: Momentary pain 'during' labor & recovery from 'normal/vaginal' delivery takes about 3 to 7 days.
2. Cesarean Cases: No pain during labor but post surgery, abdominal pains last about 3 to 4 weeks.

- Pregnancy education helps in getting more relaxed and comfortable. 
- Talk to people/doctor who have gone through this stage and clear all your doubts.
- Read good books on pregnancy.
- Attend Pregnancy classes. Lamaze classes are very popular.


1. Add more proteins, carbohydrate and vitamins in your daily intake.
2. Take appropriate amount of salt and include fish, cereals, milk and fruits.
3. Avoid too much fat in food, to avoid the possibility of the baby gaining more weight in the womb.
4. Exercise to strengthen the pelvic muscles so that there are more chances of vaginal/normal delivery.
5. Ayurveda: There are a number of things which can be followed to increase the chances of normal delivery-
    - When you get the labor pain, have 1 spoon honey.
    - Add black cumin powder in another spoon of honey & apply over the stomach.
    - Walking is best as soon as you start feeling the pain.
    - Drink milk boiled with garlic paste daily from seventh month.
    - Boil roasted anise seed (choti saunf) in water & drink it from ninth month.


1. Go for a doctor whose yearly cesarean rate in practice is less than 20%.
2. Be comfortable with your doctor.
3. Let your doctor know of your intention to have normal pregnancy before the pain starts.
4. If you doctor says you need a Cesarean, ask questions to clear your doubts.
5. If Cesarean is suggested due to medical reasons, do not negotiate during emergency situations.


1. Older mothers are at higher pregnancy risks.
2. There is a gradual decrease in fertility after the age of 30.
3. 20-29 is the correct age for pregnancy.
4. Avoid late marriage & pregnancy to avoid unnecessary complications.


1. Support & encouragement from your loved ones is necessary
2. During pregnancy, be WHERE you like to be and with PEOPLE who you want to be with.
3. Do things you like doing.
4. Pregnancy can be a wonderful experience if you handle it effectively.


1. Some maternity interventions have unintended effects.
2. Avoid using medications for pain relief unless absolutely necessary.
3. Make sure you are at least 5-6 cm dilated If you need to take an Epidural Anaesthesia for pain relief.
4. The lesser the interventions, the more the chances of a natural vaginal delivery.


1. Induction is a process by which labour is induced artificially in the mother.
2. Do not perform induction for simple reasons like, your husband will not be in town on the due date.
3. Avoid induction unless your doctor suggests it for medical reasons. Let nature take its own course.


1. EFM (Electronic Foetal Monitoring) is performed to monitor the baby's heart rate.
2. Frequent EFM may make labor more painful thus increasing the chances of Cesarean. 
3. Instead of EFM, Doppler (a hand-held device) or a stethoscope can be used.


1. Prepare yourself to cope with the natural pain during pregnancy.
2. Simple to say, but try your best to just relax.
3. Some soft music in the delivery room should help.
4. Keep your jawbones lose to keep your cervix open.
5. Relax during contraction. Attending pregnancy classes during the pregnancy stage will help you deal with this.


1. Find a position that suits best.
2. Imagine how well you can push the baby and be mentally ready for it.
3. Listen to your doctor when they advise you better positions.